Brand Development

A brand is more than a name or symbol. A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. ABC Group creates a well-crafted brand strategy that ensures the first impression is a lasting impression.

We help define your vision and message in a way that clearly differentiates you from your competitors and provides a foundation for success. Once your brand identity is developed, our team can design the tools to share it with your target audience.

Our Process

  1. Discovery Audit
    We work with your team to develop an in-depth branding questionnaire and oversee targeted focus groups to provide an audit that defines core strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Competitor Analysis
    Thorough external surveys and competitor research provides you with a detailed analysis on competitor position, perception and potential opportunities.
  3. Research Findings
    The findings from the discovery audit and competitor analysis become the framework for the strategic planning phase of brand development.

Strategic Planning

We help you build a strong foundation to connect and engage with your clients by synthesizing your corporate personality, vision and ultimately your story into a memorable brand. The branding goals and tactics directly support the overall business strategy and influence positive brand experiences through all channels of communication.

  • Execution Brand development – From corporate identity packages and taglines to advertising and web site development, ABC Group delivers highly innovative marketing materials that “speak” to consumers. The clear message and professional brand identity results in an increase in brand awareness and brand equity.
  • Graphics Publication Style Guide – We provide an interactive graphics standard manual to ensure there is consistency across all marketing platforms. This includes the consistent use of a tagline, logo, designs, photography, layouts and copy to create a unified visual identity across the brand campaign.

Services and capabilities include:

  • Focus Groups.
  • In-depth branding questionnaires. (both qualitative and quantitative)
  • Vision/ Messaging.
  • Logo and tagline development.
  • Collateral materials. (brochure, direct mail, folders, tradeshow display boards, advertising, website development, etc.)
  • Graphic publication style guide.
  • Graphic design.